Allison felt his cock still driving into her over and over and her own body began to match his thrusts. Dammit he felt so amazing buried inside of her, this whole thing was arousing as much as she would deny if asked. His hands in her hair he slowed his pace and pulled her head back up, her voice growled from deep in her belly as he held himself against her cervix, pressing into her as her walls pulsed around him. After what felt like forever of him simply staying inside her Allison felt him pull back leaving her wet cunt and sliding his cock over the tight puckered hole of her ass. She jerked forward as far as she could with his hand still in her hair. He pushed his cock, thick and hard against that pucker of flesh and she shivered when she felt it give way to allow him to enter her the slightest bit. It burned but felt so damn good she felt her juices slid down her legs at the intrusion of him. He didn’t go all the way in, just the tip and he growled as her ass puckered around him, as if to pull him deeper. His hand reached to find her clit and he teased it roughly with his fingers and she trembled at the feel of his hand there and her ass intruded upon. When her walls collapsed her asshole squeezed around the tip and she felt the rise of her peak coming near without warning.

” Oh God Sir, please,” her voice scratchy and seemingly loud in the cool night air that surrounded them.

“Please what Slut? I think you are pleased well currently are you not?”, he growled, leaning his frame over her back and pushing his cock deeper into her ass just a bit, hand never stopping its attack on her pulsing clit.

Allison gritted her teeth and clenched her jaw, he watched the outline of her face in the moonlight. Another 1/2 inch of his cock slid deeper, her walls grew tighter. She did all she could to remain in the four appendage stance she had been placed in but found herself lowering her front to lift her ass higher. Her submission to him made him harder and he slid his full length into her ass. God the pain as she took all of him in that spot, the skin stretching to envelop him inside her ass, his strokes were slow and planned, slowly in and out. Letting go of her hair she fell face first onto the ground, her hands gripping the damp earth beneath her as her breathing became more spaced, feeling nerves she didn’t know she had fire.  Stroke after stroke he grew faster but not as fast as he had with her dripping cunt. She moaned softly, biting her lip, his hands slid under her thighs and held her ass up perfectly to prevent her from sliding forward, driving her further face down. She felt the shudders of his pleasure as his cum shot into her ass hot and thick just as he slid 2 fingers into her pussy. That last move had her screaming, no longer worried about who heard, the orgasm was hard and body straining. Allison’s cum flowed like a thick river as he slowly slid out of her ass and laid her gently to the ground below her. She laid there, spent, barely breathing, every fiber ached with the powerful orgasm she just experienced.

Allison heard water splashing and realized he was washing his cock of being in her ass, not from disgust but safety. If she thought he was done she was wrong and silently she was glad about that, she had not ever orgasmed that hard before and her body cried out for more. His footsteps neared her again as he gently flipped her to her back, brushing the leaves and debris from her naked breasts. His hand massaging them, feeling the nipples straining for his touch. She felt the warm wetness of a rag go over her body as he slowly cleaned her of the dirt she had been in moments before. He then reached up and undid her restraints, certain she would not run or even be in the physical stage to do so if she wanted. He took his time cleaning her, skipping the dampness of her thighs and legs, not touching her cunt or the crack of her ass was now being covered by his sperm escaping her ass.

Sir straddled her chest, his cock setting perfectly in the depth of her bosom. He leaned over and she felt the hot skin of his abdomen near her face and without thought she planted a hot kiss there on his flesh. “Can this blindfold be removed Sir? I need to see you.”

He reached up and lifted the material from her face as her eyes adjusted to the light from the moon. Sir also released her hands, lifting them up to be on his bare chest and he looked at her once freed. “So Slut was that what you wanted? Does it match your fantasy?”

Allison’s hand reached up to his bare chest, fingers teasing the outer circle of his belly button. “Sir, it was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for any better. Thank you for this.”

He leaned over and kissed her, deep and powerful as his hands slid over her frame again. Nodding his head to the tent as if urging to bed, but she knew this was not the end, ” I love you Sir, ” she mumbled through her sleepy eyes as he packed her to the tent like a baby and she nestled into his arms,