I am a woman with a clean business and a dirty mind. I am all about being intimate in whatever way is agreed upon by the adults engaging in the intimacy, with safety and mutual pleasure the outcome, of course. My thoughts are many, some tame and genteel but many will involve hair pulling, biting, restraint and in some cases ‘rape fantasy’, key word being fantasy. I have written erotica in private for years, online successfully a few years ago. Having stepped back from blogging all together following the loss of my mother I never stopped writing. So I had to come back. I missed it far too much.

I also needed some form of release. This is as cathartic to me in my current situation of celibacy, not of my own choice trust me, something had to give and at least writing keeps me from killing someone with the pent up frustration being a high sex drive woman can cause.

I love comments! Feel free to shoot me an email. Most of all I love being brutally honest and if you have a question or would like to know my stance on an issue all you need to do is ask!