Lord how long has it been since I have gotten to spill my twisted little guts on this space?? Far too long let me tell you my friend. Where have I been? Well see I have this other business that tends to steal time from my dirty thoughts and while I love it, sometimes it gets in the way. So I was in a frenzy mode of building up stock, then off for 10 days to the show I participated in, where rain was the word of the stay and allergies from fluffy bunnies in the next stall and all the wonderful wet things floating on the breeze that was kind enough to make me sound like Froggy from Little Rascals. I am not sure my voice has ever come back yet and if it has it is sleeping it off because I sure haven’t heard it in a while.

But ohhhhhh my friendly deviants it sure had no effect on my mind and its wandering thoughts. Sooo many thoughts in that little grassy cubby where we were. All kinds of wickedness, lasciviousness and just all around naughty thoughts flowed. Sighs, never acted out but definitely thought upon. Why even my two men from my series were part of those thoughts, as they often are, and my how arousing those thoughts were.

One would think that after 10 days of rain once I returned home I would find sunshine. One would be wrong. It seemed to follow me back to my little laid back state and today is basically the first day that we have not had rain, or the threat of severe weather since my return. Now I know I say I am a delicate southern flower, *you in the back stop snickering*, but I certainly don’t need drowned either. Ah well.. tonight I write, and as such I am apt to blow up your readers. I apologize now for the overflow but if I don’t get it all out I am likely to explode myself.

Yes it is good to be home.. so good.