Fourteen times, Amanda had been to this show 14 times and still had not gotten up the bravery to speak to the one who she kept coming back to see.  His voice, a beautifully rich baritone, with notes that made her pussy throb with want when he sang. Tonight she wore her black dress with the off the shoulder neckline, her crimson red hair hung in spirals over her shoulders, the red set off perfectly her pale skin and the emerald green of her eyes. She had purchased a seat that gave her the ideal view of him regardless of where he was when he was on stage. Andre, the tall, dark, cajun had made her weak-kneed and trembling and she had every intention of telling him exactly what he had done to her. She sat with tears streaming down her face as he sang and her heart beating so fast and loud she could hear it in her ears. At the end, she stood with the audience for their thunderous applause before slipping out of the theatre into the area in the back where there would be an official meet and greet with the performers.  Amanda didn’t know if he would participate but she prayed that he would.

Grabbing a glass of champagne from one of the silver trays as it passed Amanda gazed over the room. Andre would be easy to spot, he was tall, well over 6 feet, and even under makeup she could see he had a strong jawline, squared off, but it was the dimples that would give him away, along with those ebony black eyes. Amanda felt him enter the room before she saw him actually enter the room, his presence was overwhelming to her, to be this close. She turned to her left and saw him, white shirt, black dress pants, shirt left open at the top, makeup gone from his face and the beginning hint of a 5 o’clock shadow was just beginning. He seemed to be looking over the crowd until his eyes landed on her, in the farthest corner, trying to become a little spot of nothing on the wall behind her, but she knew that was impossible. Amanda eyed every escape route in her head, could she actually get out of the room before those long lean legs of his carried her to where she was, but she was riveted. Locked in the powerful look in his eyes, black magic voodoo, that is what her girlfriend said Andre had done to her after she saw the first performance. She admitted she was definitely spellbound, but now she was terrified. Why did she even think any of this was a good idea?! 30 foot separated them now and she knew she would not move, perhaps it wasn’t her he was looking at anyway, she was surrounded by beautiful, rich women, any of whom would catch his eye long before her.

She suddenly felt like Baby in Dirty Dancing when she first saw Johnny dancing on the floor with his partner. 15 foot between them now, and the closer he came the louder her heart pounded in her ear and her face felt flushed. Damn why was it so hot in this room anyway? Was it hot in here? Yes it was definitely hot, she could feel the dampness of the skin on her back as she began to sweat just a little, her hands slipping to pull her hair back from the nape of her neck and get some air hopefully, she tried to act non chalant but knew it wasn’t working. Andre’s grin grew bigger as he was a mere 5 feet from her now, his dimples deeper than she imagined. The room was swimmy, Jesus what was in that glass?? Amanda set it on the table beside her as she laid her arm on the cool marble of it, hoping it would keep her upright as she did, her knees trembling as his last step brought him inches from her face. Their eyes had been locked since she spotted him and try as she might she could not force herself to look away. Amanda felt the corners of her mouth trembling upwards into a small smile as he stood before her, biting her lip she said nothing, just stared like a frightened school girl.

“Bebe’,” it rolled from his tongue like unfiltered honey as he lifted her pale hand to his mouth and bent to kiss its back. His lips were soft and warm on her chilled skin, Amanda heard her own breath as he kissed her hand gently, keeping it enclosed in the warmth of his fingers instead of letting her go immediately. He continued talking, ” I have seen you at the last 14 shows, that fire red hair makes you definitely unforgettable in any crowd, are you that big of an opera lover that you would watch one opera 14 nights straight? Or is there something else you have come for that you desire to find?”, the sensuality of his voice rolled through her frame like warm whiskey, feeling her thighs grow damp with arousal at just how deep his voice was when speaking. Timbrels ringing in her head, she started to speak but found herself so shaken she could not answer him. She felt his arm slide smoothly around her waist as he led her away from the table and out the side door to a more quiet hallway. Amanda felt the tremble of her body when his hand went around her, the warmth of his fingers burning through the thin fabric of her dress. She looked up at him once they were out of the room and felt the flush of her cheeks as she finally felt words come from her mouth, ” definitely something else Andre,” was all she could manage to get out. Her eyes locked into his again as he lowered his face to hers, his lips so close she could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck and his voice sent shivers through her spine when he whispered, ” I was hoping that would be the answer you gave, was I the something else that drew you??”, Amanda simply nodded in response as her mouth lifted up to find his and softly kiss him.

Amanda leaned against the wall behind her as she pulled back from her kiss and waited. His eyes danced over her face, slowly tracing the curve of her neck and shoulder as his hands were against the wall on either side of her. Andre whispered in French Creole something she didn’t understand, but the sound alone made her shiver as he stood upright once more. “What did you just say to me?”, her voice barely a whisper but seemed to echo on the walls of the hall. A half crooked smile crossed his face and he took her hand once more and kissed it before stepping back and replying, ” I would say do not play with the Devil little one, but right now I am not sure who exactly is the devil in this dynamic, me or you? But I am most certainly going to find out, because for 13 shows you have worked your way into my head every night and now I am not sure I can get you out of it, or if I even want to, ‘ he paused then looked back to her before finishing, ‘ what is your name? You have the upper hand here. ”

Feeling her cheeks flush once again she squared her shoulders, her hair draped like fire over them, wispy tendrils of flames against her porcelain skin, her breasts the same milky white and pushing upward at the top of the cut of the gown she wore. ” Amanda, my name is Amanda, but my friends call me Mandy.”

“Hmm, well I like Amanda much better, so I will stick with that for now. Would you like some dinner? Have you eaten? Because suddenly I am starving and want to get us away from everyone. Shall we go? I have a car out back.”, Andre stood to his full height looking down on her and her heart flipped in her chest. She nodded once more, slid her arm into his and out the door they went, never looking back at the sudden hall full of people that watched their exchange and the whispers among them of who was that girl with Andre. Neither one cared at that moment either.