Once upon a time about 8 years ago or so I had an erotica blog. You would remember me as Singed wing Angel or Twisted Angel. But as life tends to do it comes at one so fast we often forget to breathe and where we find safety. So I gave up all blogging, even my normal life one. I have debated many times on returning but just never thought I had my heart in it like before, again life. But here I am again. Because truth is I love writing, and I love writing about sex, in all of its kinkiness and often vulnerable moments.

You might wonder about the name change, well again life. In the middle of my absence I stumbled upon something else I love to do, make soap, and other bath and body products. If you ever spoke to my soaping friends they would tell you I am a FO HO.. which equates to someone who has a stash of fragrances a mile deep. Guilty as charged. I love it almost as much as I love writing about sex, key word being almost. But I do love this outlet. It gives me another way to create and touch people, and lets be honest here, can you get any more sexy than bathing with someone? So if you are ever curious as to that side of me, well I have a store, and a Facebook page and Instagram that I will be happy to link you to with a simple email request.

So, I’m back. Let’s get this kinkfest started shall we??

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