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I skipped their picture this week because the weather here got my mind to running.. as it can tend to do often.

There is something about a rainstorm that leaves me feeling wanting, maybe it is the way it sounds on the roof of the house. When it comes in the heavy downpours that sound as if the hooves of a hundred horses are racing across my tin roof. I have always loved a good rain, in the warmth of the spring or summer, especially if the humidity is high. The kind that boils up in the heat of the day and leaves you sitting on a porch with a cold drink in a glass that is sweating on the table beside you. Even better if the porch has a swing mounted on the railings that hold the roof up in place, anchored perfectly. Just the right height for your bare feet to skim across the surface of the wooden porch and get that slight push in an effort to move any air at all over your skin that glistens with the heat and the humidity lays on it like a blanket.

I have been known to stretch out on the wooden porch swings on days like that and fall asleep when the rain moves in, listening to it pinging off the roof, feel the temperature drop with the first boom of thunder over the hill across the way. My memaw always said that first good spring thunderstorm awakened the grass and trees, letting them know it was time to wake up and reach to the sky for those first drips of fresh water. You can literally see the leaves darken and the grass turns this emerald shade of green after the storms as if their souls were quenched by the water itself.

If the storm isn’t filled with bold streaks of lightning I will get stripped to a bra and shorts and stand in the middle of the yard with arms outstretched as my body gets washed in the coolness of the storm. All the muck and the worry and stress seems to fall to the ground with the drops from my frame and my face turns up to the sky as if allowing it to clear my memory of the winter we are leaving.

It is soothing to my soul and my body and feels as if everything in me awakens, much like the grass and trees and flowers. There is a sexual rising when I do this, the need to feel someone else next to me, the heat of their skin against mine. As if we are fighting the rain to quench the fire we feel to our core from the heat of the day, the release of being held captive by winter’s wrath for far too long, and the newness of the season. I want to feel their hands on me, sliding over my rain washed skin, feel my toes sink into the mud beneath me as if to catch my balance from the whirlwind happening in my mind and body. Nerves firing, the flush of arousal warm, the feel of the rain chilling, a slight wind making the hairs on my body rise as their hands trace down my bare shoulders, tease my nipples that are poking against the fabric of the bra covering their freedom.

My mouth tasting of the rain on their skin, as my hands slowly find their way to the button on the jeans they have on and free them from its confines. To hear the urgency and need in the sound of their breath as another clap of thunder makes the ground we stand on rumble under our feet and we both stop at the feeling. For just a split second as I slip out of the shorts, the bra is released and we are naked in the rain with no shame. Trace my body with your mouth, leave a trail of fiery kisses on my skin and watch as my teeth chatter from the contrast of our heat and Nature’s rain to cool. The thought to stay here in the rain or seek shelter and some slight privacy on the porch tumbling in both of our brains as I find myself backing into the cool of the house behind me. The cold wet exterior making me gasp when my back touches it and I feel the heat of you pressed into me. My hand sliding on the hardness of your want, as your hand slides between my thighs and tries to discern what is rain and what is arousal that has slide between my legs. Slide into me, one leg lifted to open me up for you and drive me harder into the wall. Just a tease, stay there long enough to hear me moan with the fullness of you inside of me and feel my nails dig into the flesh of your back as my mouth bites at your shoulder to keep from being too loud in the crashing of thunder and pelting of the storm. There is beauty in its music, vocalizing in it seems tawdry and cheapens the elegance of this dance we are enjoying.

Kiss me deeply, your tongue tasting of my lips before delving into my mouth and dancing with mine, your fingers wrapped in the hair on the nape of my neck to keep me within reach as another clap of thunder vibrates the wall I am against. I can feel it rumble through me like the hum of a vibrator on high and my breath leaves me for a moment as does yours. We stand there, locked in the wetness of the moment and giggle at the absolute audacity of ourselves. Behaving like teenagers who have snuck out to be together and at the same time neither of us pull away, not to stop anyway. We do separate to find our way back to the porch, back to the swing that is hung so perfectly. Where you sit and I find myself straddling you on my knees as I slide you into me, our timing set to a slow pace with the rocking of the swing. Your hands gripping my ass as I move up and down on you slowly. Watching your face as I rise up to just the top of your hardness and slowly slide back onto you, feeling the heat of my need rolling over you as I do. It is slick and sticky like honey from the comb now that we are out of the rain. Your mouth teases my nipples, biting them just enough to make me wince before releasing your grip on them, each time my walls tighten more around you. One last bite finds me hanging onto you as a wave of release and pleasure overtake me, my skin covered in goosebumps as I tremble around you. I lift myself free from you, knees shaking as I go to my knees before you and take all of your pulsing flesh deep into my mouth. Touching the back of my throat as you grab my hair and lift your hips to get deeper into my mouth. My tongue wrapped around you sliding up and down every inch, making sure that nothing of me is left behind before shifting the grip of my tongue to the base and sliding all the way to the tip, that slight bit of pressure I apply making you grip my hair tighter and you push back with the swing in an effort to regain some sense of control. My hand wraps around your shaft and I slide up your length, following the path of my mouth sliding back down as I lower onto you once more. Finally, I stay with you nestled deep in my throat, my tongue sliding over and under and around. My fingers gripping your base just perfectly just tight enough to feel your pressure building. I ease just that one hair deeper and the feel of my hum on the head of you is enough. The first shots are hot and explode so quick I can barely swallow quick enough. The feel of your legs trembling as I lift up and slide down again to bring more out makes you moan in pleasure. No hands now, just my mouth wrapped around you perfectly, your fingers deep in my hair, as I take every drop you give without losing any. When I know you are empty I lay my head in your lap and feel the twitches of your body as you calm back down. We both shiver now, the coolness overtaking us after this and we help each other up and back into the house. Your arm over my shoulder, our clothes still scattered in the yard to get later. We crawl into bed, muddy feet and all and cover up, snuggling together, listening to the rain as it still beats over the porch. The first streak of lightning streaks across the window and illuminates the room. My head on your chest, your arm around my shoulders holding me close, and I see you are asleep. I smile and decide a nap is definitely the next thing on the to-do list for today, anything else can wait.


  1. May More on May 6, 2019 at 10:05 am

    That all sounds fabulous! I do understand about the rainstorms too – particularly if they are finishing off a warm day

  2. Kayla Lords on May 7, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    Very sexy!