Allison laid on Sir’s bare chest, her finger tracing down his frame, just staring at his face. A smile came to him as he looked down at her, still breathing heavy from the first round of what would be many this afternoon. Sir could already feel the twitch of his cock at her touch. Pulling herself free from the bed Allison stood up, her hand grabbed by Sir. “Where are you going?”, he growled, as if she was headed out the door instead of just to the bathroom.

She leaned over and kissed him, a soft smile across her lips, ” to the bathroom Sir, because while I did swallow, that was not quite the drink I had in mind earlier.”

Sir laughed and released her hand watching her walk into the bathroom. Damn she had a nice fat ass he thought to himself. Allison turned on the faucet and let the water get warm, grabbing a wash cloth from the counter and washing her face, while she was there she took a quick whore bath as her mother would say. Not that she minded why she was a mess, but she just had a thing about staying a mess if she wasn’t still involved in making the mess at that moment. the quick bath done she filled a cup up with cold water and got a quick drink, eyeballing the coffee maker there on the counter and thinking that would be useful in a few hours. She heard the bed squeak as Sir got up and heard the shuffle of his feet across the carpet in her direction. Dumping the rest of the water into the sink he came in behind her and his hands wrapped around her grabbing her breasts still aching from his last grips on them. Dropping her head forward, Allison leaned forward as if to pull away and Sir simply tightened his grip, pulling her back against him, her back still cool from being exposed to the room air melded into the wall of his well defined chest. Releasing his one hand Sir pulled at the hair on the back of her head just enough to expose the soft skin on the left side of her neck. Her hair wasn’t so long it would be a nuisance in certain scenarios but long enough to get a healthy grip on it to control where her head went. His mouth opened and his teeth sunk into the warm flesh and Allison felt the tremble of her knees at his touch there. Dammit why did she have to tell him her biggest weakness?? Sir was definitely going to use it to his advantage every chance he got she could already see.

Sir’s hand slid down her rounded belly to her bare pubic area and further still, his finger sliding between the already swelling lips to find her clit. Allison gripped the counter in the bathroom for support as he did, her head thrown back as he slowly circled it then would rub across it’s exposed flesh. Her face towards the mirror in the bathroom she could see the pleasure across his face at how aroused she was in his presence and seeing him touch her only aroused her more and she moaned when she felt and saw his fingers grip and circle around her nipple, pulling it away slightly before releasing it as if snapping a rubber band. It was agony and ecstasy at the same time. The feel of his cock in the small of her back led her to reach behind her and grip him firmly in her hand, slowing stroking up and down from base to tip. Her hand would change the strength of its grip as it moved, almost like her pussy did earlier, just without the influx of dampness that it provided. Feeling the first drops of his pre-cum she cleaned them with her finger then proceeded to lick them from her own hand as he watched in the mirror. ” Do you like the taste of me my slut?”, Sir whispered in her ear. Allison replied softly, ” Yes Daddy very much. I like the taste because I know it is there because of me and for me.”

His fingers clamped tighter on her nipple, his other hand pinching her clit at the same time, the nerves firing between the two in rapid succession and her breathing shifted to faster pace, echoing easily on the tiles in the bathroom. Allison braced once more with the counter, her knees growing weaker as her body instinctively ground against his fingers. Reaching farther he slid two fingers into the damp swollen tunnel of her pussy and she moaned at the intrusion. Her juice flowing over his fingers and hitting the floor below with a loud splat. Sir turned Allison to face him backing her ass up to the counter of the sink before leaning her so far back she had to sit on the cool counter to keep from slipping backwards. His mouth like a burning ring on her hard nipples his fingers drove deeper into her walls as his other hand spread her legs farther to access her better. Allison’s hands gripped the edge of the counter and she bit her lip, her moans would echo loudly in this room and she didn’t want the possible neighboring rooms to hear her.  Sensing her attempt to muffle her pleasure Sir grabbed a rag and placed it in her mouth. He could think of something else he could use but right now he wanted to enjoy making her squirm, feeling her need, finding the other things that made her a sopping wet mess of pussy juice and twitching muscles. Dipping lower he kissed and bit his way to be on his knees her pussy in his view. Licking the arousal from her thighs he teased with his tongue and her hands found his shoulders in an attempt to stop him. Sir held her hands to the counter and buried his face in her thighs his teeth gripping her clit gently before his tongue danced around her blood swollen pussy, tasting her on him. Allison bucked her hips as he threw her legs over his shoulder to keep her from sliding backwards from his mouth. Bites up and down her thigh burned her nerves but made her moans louder. Jesus she was wet, every time he thought she could not get wetter she did. Sir teased her clit flicking it with his tongue in random fashion making her squirm all the more. Finally he stood again and taking the rag from her mouth kissed her long and deep. Wanting her to taste of her own juices from him. As he did his cock swollen to full size pushed into her already pulsing walls. His entrance set off the orgasm she then had. His mouth still locked over hers to help muffle the moans she had coming from her throat. Slowing down his strokes he reveled in the feel of her walls pulsing around him. Sir had better control now that the first round had reduced the build up of weeks of torture on the internet. Her face flushed, her breasts a contrast of white and darkened brown nipples, still so hard he could feel them pressing into his chest. Allison’s nails gripped into the soft flesh of his ribs as she came again over him. Her neck and head stretched back, teeth gritting and again her juice hit the floor as it covered his hard cock in it’s thrusts. Each one in would result in a flow of liquid, sticky and think to hit the floor at his feet. Releasing one of her legs to dangle again the angle shifted and her body shuddered at the feel of his hardness in the new position. Allison reached to brace on the counter to find it slick with dampness, she could feel the cold of the mirror on her back just as wet. The heat of them together had nearly fogged up the mirror. Sir increased his speed, unable to hold back his own need now, Allison leaned over her arms wrapped around his neck as best she could, her mouth finding his sucking on his lip, his tongue anything she could tease to help him reach his own peak, this time with her once more.

Sir’s fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass on the counter, pulling her closer, getting him deeper. The intensity keeping her from being able to kiss him anymore but allowing her to nuzzle her face into his neck and bite at the soft flesh there. Leaning into his ear she half whispered, half purred, ” Please Daddy cum for me.”

The words did him in, no one had ever asked him to cum for them, no one, not in that tone, not with that conviction. It wasn’t a hurry up and finish request it was a request telling him his orgasm was needed for her to be satisfied fully. Pleasing him was her pleasure and he was going to show her how pleased he truly was. The last stroke was so deep it hurt but in a good way. Allison’s desire to keep it down disappeared as she cried out, ” Fuck yes Daddy, yes that is what I need.”

Sir came hard, his legs jelly, his hands the only thing keeping him standing aside from her pussy’s death grip on his cock milking every drop from him. Both barely breathing now, more of a pant, both soaked with sweat and arousal. The aroma of sweet and salt from the juices filling their nostrils. Her hair was soaking wet as was his. She slid slowly from the counter, his cock laying peacefully against his thigh. Both of them leaning on each other to get out of the bathroom and someplace soft to collapse. Once reaching the bed they fell on it without a second thought, her breasts bouncing as she landed. Sir laid beside her, still catching his breath and looked into her eyes. “I think we need food, something cold to drink and a nap slut.”Allison smiled and replied, ” and not necessarily in that order because I can’t stand up to even put on clothes can you?”

He shook his head pulled up farther on the bed where he could get his arm around her. grabbing the bedspread and pulling it up the wrong way around them from the edges, neither able to stand up and simply get under the covers but both chilled now. Sir grabbed a handful of breast, nestled his chin to the top of her head as it laid over his heart and the both fell asleep.

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