He had done something to her, something she had never allowed any man to do to her since leaving home. She wasn’t quite sure what to do about it either. Her heart and mind were vested in going there, every chance they got to go.  The words, the pictures all trapped in her memory bank from the first day. Oh but what thoughts and words they were, Allison could barely contain her desire to moan at the mere thought of the words alone. The picture is what started it all, a single picture and a comment.

He was a redhead, which was out of character for Allison, she usually chose darker haired men to lust over, but there was something about him that called out to her. His body was fucking perfect and that bulge in those jeans certainly caught her eye, but it was the shyness, that spoke volumes to her. He didn’t even realize he was sexy or desirable and that was her biggest turn on, a man who wasn’t so arrogant or self elevating. Lord knows that species was a rarity in this day and age of selfies and filters, unwarranted messages in one’s chat box with offers of every kinky fuckery without a second thought or a hello. It was nice to just talk, but in the back of her mind the visions they rumbled. Long silent and forgotten he awakened them and so many other things in Allison that she could not ignore. He broke her, plain and simple.

Now she is sitting in a local restaurant watching every damn truck that pulls in with her heart pounding so loud she is certain the 5 tables around her can hear. Allison wipes her palms down her pants legs once again wondering why they are sweating so hard, Lord knows that isn’t attractive. Wandering to the bathroom she goes to try and wash them off and hopefully cool down the heat that is still rising in her body at the thought of being in the same room with him. She referred to him as Sir once in a message and it stuck, while at first he was taken aback by it, within a few days he grew to expect it and love the looks of it coming from her. Leaving the bathroom she saw him, his back to her scanning the restaurant to find her. Walking up as quietly as she could, the glimpse of red hair just under the ball cap, damn the jeans looked amazing on him. Allison leaned up and whispered, ” Can I help you , Sir?”

Sir spun around so quick he almost knocked Allison backwards, but his hand reached to steady her just in time. Her face lowered she looked up with her eyes at him and a small smile spread across her face. Dammit even his eyes made her weak kneed and spinny headed. See broken. His hand still on her arm she led him to the table and found her seat as quick as possible, neither one had spoken yet, fear for her, was she good enough for him? Sir reached to her face and lifted it up to see into them, their deep brown almost black right now, he had to wonder why. ” Are you okay?”, his voice softer than she imagined, with genuine concern filling the air around them. Allison nodded and smiled.

Oh if Sir could read her mind right now, her thighs already damp from his mere presence, she wanted so bad to just drag him to the parking lot and fuck him against the truck in the parking lot. To feel the grip of his hands on her waist as he pulled her onto his cock, in broad daylight, for everyone to see. The heat rose in her face at the thought and she cast her gaze to his jeans and was surprised to see his arousal visibly straining at the fabric that held it bound. Sir leaned over, ‘ You smell like you need something? What might your need be Allison?”

Oh damn him, he was good, but he had no inkling of that thought and she wasn’t about to let it out here. “I need a drink that is what I need, and , and , ” her hand reached out to touch his chest, even though she wanted to touch something else she dared not, ” to see you out of these clothes, Sir. Now.”

Without another word Sir grabbed her hand, pulled her out of the chair and out the door to his truck. Unlocking the door she climbed in without a second thought Sir following her. Leaning over to her his mouth found hers and the kiss was enough to leave her breathless and even more wanting. Sir started the engine and pulled away like a man on a mission. Allison leaned in and began to bite on his neck, her hand playing with the beard that lined his face perfectly. Taking off the hat she ran her fingers through the red hair and smiled at the way it made Sir’s face change, a look of pleasure. Once out of the parking lot he shot across the street to the hotel he had picked before arriving, drove straight to the spot outside the door to his room and threw the truck in park. His hands slid into her shirt, finding the bra a barrier between him and the breasts he had viewed so many times in pictures. Pulling the fabric aside he freed them from their binding and the nipples were already hard and perfect for his mouth. Allison moaned with pleasure and arched her hips and lower back to grind against the seat and hopefully take the edge off of her already throbbing clit and pussy. Not skipping a beat Sir grabbed her legs and laid her back on the seat, burying his face in the dampness of the leggings she wore, biting at her inner thigh and inhaling the heavy perfumed scent of her arousal that belonged to him and him alone. Allison grabbed the side and back of the seat her nails digging in as he slid between her thighs, his cock hard behind the denim but she could feel it through the clothes. Grinding against her, her nipple between his teeth and the other breast firmly being pinched she lifted her ass to grind hard back against him, her moan echoing inside the four walls of this truck. Allison reached for his chest, her breath staggered and heavy as she begged, ” oh God please Sir, fuck me here, now, just fill me with you, please!”

Sir stopped for a moment, his own arousal so intense he was nearing orgasm and that was not about to happen now. Bracing his weight off of her with his arms, her hands on his biceps trying to pull him back down to her Sir pulled away, sitting back up and leaving her a panting, aching mess in the seat. Reaching into the visor he pulled the key from the flap and opened the door stepping out to the ground. His cock so hard there was no room left for that material to stretch, Allison imagined that must be painful for him and struggled to sit up and right her clothes before stepping out herself. Trying to get her bra adjusted Sir pulled her from the seat and growled, ” Don’t bother it will be gone in seconds, ” taking her hand and practically dragging her to the door of his room. Her hair was damp in the back already, her pulse pounding in her ears and the cool breeze made her shiver. Opening the door Sir pulled her in behind him and slammed it shut. Turning to her he pulled the loose sweater from her frame and removed the bra, freeing her enormous breasts, still tinged with the red lines from its tightened grip on her pale flesh. Allison reached to him, pulling the front of the button down that hid his flesh from her fingers and wasted no time unbuttoning the top 3 to just slide it from him over his head. Her brown eyes flowed down his body, following every curve and indention as if she were studying for a test later. Her fingers trailed from his jaw line to the curve of his neck and her mouth planted kisses as she went. Sir moaned at the feel of her against his skin, the feel of her breath making his body get goose pimples at how softly she laid that trail. When Allison reached the waistband of the jeans she undid the top button and zipper and freed him from the rough grind of the seams against his throbbing cock. Dropping to her knees she kissed the head first, her tongue slowly making an outline of the tip, taking away any drops of arousal that had escaped before she got to him. Sir couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her against the door, her shoulders slamming against the cold metal as he drove his length into her wanting mouth and throat. Allison’s fingers against his flesh cued him when he was too deep and he would pull back just enough to allow her to wrap her tongue around him and lick up his shaft while remaining deep within her mouth. Sir moaned in pleasure, stroking in and out, fucking her mouth and feeling her moans against him. Her fingers wrapped around the base of him, giving her the depth she needed to maintain to keep finding those sweet spots on his cock. No one had ever given him head like this before and he knew he would cum if he didn’t pull back. When Sir felt that rise he tried to free himself but her hand at the small of his back kept him right there as she sucked his cock like she was starving for him and him alone. The orgasm came quickly and his juice shot into her throat like a volcanic eruption. Allison swallowed every drop and never let loose of his cock while he felt himself shrink down from the pressure release.

Sir pulled her from the floor by her hair, wiping the last few drops that escaped from her breasts and putting his fingers in her mouth for her to clean, which she did with as much passion and power as she had his cock second before. Sir pulled Allison to the bed and faced her to it, pushing her face down and pulling down the leggings from her frame. Her wetness was everywhere. The crack of her ass glistened with it and her cunt was bright pink and purple swollen from arousal. He entered with no hesitation and she gasped at the feel of her walls stretching, even with him not fully erect. Her fingers gripped the bedspread below her as she moaned into the blankets and slammed herself back onto his cock. Jesus she was the tightest he had ever been in, and she didn’t pull away, she kept driving him deeper into her walls. He could feel the give of each muscle as he pushed through it with his cock growing harder by the second. Once he was fully erect Allison got one knee on the bed and the position got him so deep inside her Sir was certain she could taste her own juices mixed with his in her throat. Pushing herself up from the bed with her arms, still matching his strokes she asked, ” Is this what you needed Daddy?? Do I feel good for you??”

Sir growled at her words, slamming with all he had into her, gripping her shoulders with his hands to keep from pushing her away from him, ” Oh God yes, better than I could imagine. Jesus Christ I have never felt anything close to this in my life. What the fuck kind of voodoo magic do you do?,” as her walls quivered to her orgasm his strokes grew shorter.

Sir pushed her face back down grabbed her hips and tried to power himself free from the tightening of her pussy around him. Each muscle gripped his cock perfectly, without thought or effort. Beads of sweat arose on his brow and he saw it glistening across the whiteness of her back. Her moans have turned into growls now, animal sounding, long and deep and from her belly, her long fingernails dug into the bed and the wave of orgasm swept over him so fast he didn’t have time to respond. Her cum covered him like honey and he blended with her in seconds. She was so fucking hoarse, unable to speak fully as they both collapsed onto the bed, neither one pulling away from the other. Their juices made the loud squishing noises as she flattened to the bed, his weight upon her back and his cock trying its best to stay inside her right now. Sir bit at her back, gripped her ass with his hand and reveled in the spasming of her walls even now around him.

Allison began to shiver beneath him making him feel like he was on a vibrating bed, her muscles in her arms twitched as did her legs, his breath on her skin made her moan with exhaustive pleasure. Finally, Sir rolled from her body and pulled himself beside her on the bed. Kissing her forehead, seeing the glisten of tears on her face. “jesus did I hurt you?? Are you okay?,” Sir panicked having never experienced such an intense orgasm from a woman before.

Reaching up to touch his face with what little strength she had regained Allison smiled. “I am perfect Daddy, just perfect.”


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