There is something about a button down that is simply gratifying to wear. A man’s button down, if he is built broader and wider than you can often be a place of security. Especially if it still smells of his cologne or a blend of him mixed with you after a passionate night. I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t love to see a woman in one of his button down shirts, and preferably nothing else.

I love them for the tease factor. The ability to open one button here or one there, that hint of skin, the peek of a nipple like above. Photos like this help me visualize the scenario.. a day dream if you will. I am a hands down all the senses involved lover. I can close my eyes and feel the taste of his skin on my tongue, the pinch of his fingers on my nipple, the scent of my own arousal wafting in the heavy air. I see it all frame by frame in rapid succession and then I put it into words here for everyone else. I like being watched. So in essence my writing is my exhibitionism played out in words and you readers are the voyeurs in the shadows or standing by the bed. Would you continue to just watch and let others touch me, would you touch as well?? Oh such wickedly wet daydreams I have.

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