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It’s very quiet over here like I am home alone. But I’m not. They are always watching, they don’t think I know about them. I found the first camera in the kitchen, hidden in the small plant under the window, I caught a glisten when I turned it to face the sun in a different direction and investigated why my soil had a fleck of glitter or glass in it, it didn’t. From that point on I decided to go through my entire home and look for more, I was not surprised by the one in the bathroom, located in the vent above the shower. The hall closet one was not expected, who wants to look at coats all day? The one in my vanity mirror is the one I have had the most enjoyment out of truthfully. I take great pleasure in coming through the master bathroom into my bedroom suite naked and sprawling across the bed giving whoever full view of my pink labia, still damp from the shower, nipples erect and brown on my large breasts. Oh yes, I play for the cameras, I do not know who is on the other end but I suspect it has to do with my boyfriend and his company. I do not ask where he gets his money or how, I frankly do not care I was well off before him I will be fine when we are done, but with the invasion of the camera people I have wondered exactly why someone is so interested in me.

So I stroll from the shower, hair dripping with the towel in my hands drying it half way and sit at my vanity. I love sitting here, knowing that the camera is mere inches away. I apply the oil to my hair running my fingers through the long red mane that until lately I had debated on cutting off, but since the cameras, I leave it, it adds to my feeling of being sexually arousing to someone out there. It has an exhilarating feel to it, being watched without being watched if that even makes sense. I run my brush through my hair and sling it all back over my shoulders to hang down like a waterfall of blood against my skin, I realize the stark contrast between the two is quite the visually appealing look. Leaving my table I walk to the side of my bed and pull out the chest of toys, being careful as I peruse my options. I have never gone this far before, actually masturbating alone with the cameras. Oh they have seen me fucked, several times by my boyfriend, but never alone play. Today I feel frisky and dangerous. I find the dark blue one and feel it vibrate in my hands as I walk to the end of the bed and use its suction cup attachment to stand it straight up on the blanket chest that spans the width of my bed. Returning to the toy chest I find my nipple clamps and apply them, feeling their pull on my nipples as I tighten the clip forcing it the nipple to stand out further than normal. I moan softly at the exquisite sense of pain and pleasure the clips provide on my already heightened nerves. Grabbing the small bullet from the case I wander back to the blanket chest and sit with my legs spread wide as I start to tease my pinkened lips with the slow vibration of the bullet head. Already dampened from the mere thought of today, I had been planning for weeks and I was not about to have this go down different from what I envisioned. I relax and concentrate on the feel of the vibe around my lips, the pulsing sensation slow and steady and I feel the first trickle of arousal slide from my walls, just a silvery white hint, probably barely noticeable on the screen of the camera owners but they will see it soon enough. My hips rock against the cool wood of the chest, toes pointed like a ballerina on the flooring below my feet. My free hand tugs softly on the nipple clamps as I close my eyes and envision the mystery viewer, or viewers as it may be, the thought of it being several viewers aroused me more. My hips rock harder on the wood and I feel the beginning of my first orgasm building within the muscles of my legs and back, the tingles that arise when it starts. I focus on slowing my breathing, I want to make this last, draw it out and explode suddenly, but not here, not at this moment. I stop pulling my clamps and feel the sensations slow down, the tingles creep back down my legs and back, my walls become a slow rhythm of undulating waves, each muscle taking its time to roll through my vagina wall and end at the exit.

I slid the bullet into my mouth, licking my juices from its silver surface, slow and steady, eyes closed, wishing it was really the cock of the unknown viewer, setting it aside I tease my clit with my fingers, sliding one in and out of my pussy now swollen and darker pink from arousal and the nerve endings ablaze. My eyes open to look at my face in the mirror, what does my face look like in these moments of pleasure, I hope not the porn face that I despise. My tongue slides over my lips licking the last remnant of my juice from them and my head falls back as my fingers slid circles around the clit, hood back, so fucking sensitive and tingling. I slide from my position to on my knees, facing the blue demon in front of me, my mouth lowers to emulate having a hard cock to tease, slowly lowering over it, tongue tracing the tip and rim of the head before taking it all into my mouth as my ass rises behind me. The wood hard on my knees, my breasts now dangling free with the clamps on them ache from the tension and the occasional smacks of the wood on their naked arousal. I feel the juice run down my leg, fuck this is hotter than I imagined, my one hand stroking the length of my blue demon as I rise up it with my mouth, spit drizzling from my lips coating it for easier ability to grip and slide up with my hand. No longer can I tease my own cunt, it just throbs at the motions of my body, the tips of the nipples grazed on wood, the feel of my knees on the chest. Each movement arouses me more, my walls not listening to my mental command to take a breath slow down. I can almost feel a man’s fingers wrapped in my hair holding it up while using it to control. My moans get louder the more I visualize someone in the room. Eyes closed, I can almost smell the scent of a man under my nose as I deepthroat this poor replacement for the real thing. Realizing I was reaching my peak I turn once more to straddle the blue demon, feel it tear into my tightening pink walls slickened by my spit and want. It’s first deep thrust into me rips through me like fire, my walls collapsing around its girth like a baby suckling a bottle. I rise and fall onto it over and over, each lift away more difficult as my pussy tightens around it finally finding the one button to start its vibrations I hit my knees as the wave crashes over me again and again. I cannot stop, I won’t stop. My throat feels raw and cut by the hoarseness of my screams of pleasure. My last act is to pull the clamps from my nipples in one yank, the pain burning through my body like a hot piece of metal but my juices flooding over the demon between my legs vibrating so deep inside me my legs are jelly. I feel the drool running from my mouth as I barely maintain myself on my knees, trying to get free from the cock that never softens and finding it almost more strength required than I have left. I crawl backwards to the bed, my knees in agony from the wood, my pussy still dripping across the quilted cover, my breathing still staccato in rhythm. I barely get to a pillow and collapse. It is the last thing I remember.



  1. May More on April 25, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Wow what an amazing story – love a bit of exhibitionism – hot stuff 😉

  2. Marie Rebelle on April 25, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    That’s one good show for those who are watching!

    Rebel xox