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Jasmine wasn’t really in the mood to leave her house, but she wasn’t in a mood to stay either. Tossing on a cute low cut top and shorts she looked in the mirror to see how she looked. Fuck, she was old. Her hair already salt and pepper long before her mother’s had ever grown, she really needed to get a color job back to her red, it fit her and it made her look younger. Tossing on some lip balm and a little face powder Jasmine headed out and walked to the new small bar that opened up a couple blocks from her house. The music was already pumping outside the building, a good mix of old rock, new stuff and country tossed in to break the monotony she pulled on the glass door and walked into the building. Gazing around it was nice and small, but busy. Clearly this place was going to succeed, it simply felt like just hanging out in the neighborhood and talking. Finding a quiet table a little off from the bar she pulled out a chair, tossed her phone on the table and sat down. People watching always made her laugh, adding alcohol to the people watching always left her with a ton of funny stories. The mix in the bar was good, some college kids, a few 9 to 5er’s and their buddies, then the more adultier adults. Thinking about saying that made her laugh, for many in this bar SHE was the adultier adult. Opening her Instagram she checked in on her page, snapped a quick pic of the bartenders at the bar and hit post. Jasmine scrolled through pictures from others and never heard the sound of someone approaching.

“What can I get for you?”, the voice was deep, strong and caught her off guard as she nearly jumped out of her seat.

“Shit! You startled me,” Jasmine said way too loudly before feeling the blush of embarrassment rise to stain her cheeks a rosy red, ” Um, Do you know how to make a Fuck me hard?” Trying to maintain her straight face in the question as she looked up over her head at the man standing by her table. She couldn’t miss the tattoos that lined his arms, their bright colors against his skin, the muscle of his bicep popping up just so making the one look as if it was jumping off of his frame. Farther up still to the reddish beard and blue green eyes and this half smirk on his face. She knew he wanted to be a smart ass and she half mentally dared him to do so, then thought to herself to stop being silly he was a good 15 years younger if not more.

“Well that depends on whether you mean the drink or the act itself and that would be a yes to both,” he walked away winking at her before he did. Dammit the blood flooded her cheeks again and this time more than her face. Jasmine squirmed a little in her seat at the thought that passed through her mind at his reply. Watching him walk away she saw the outline of the broad shoulders, the shirt that framed his defined frame perfectly and tight jeans. At least now she had someone new to use in her alone time visualizations. He was definitely a very pleasant thing to think about. Even if she could nearly be his mom. He came back to the table with her drink, a little more liquor than pineapple but she wouldn’t complain, at least if she got tipsy it meant she would crash once home, instead of realizing how horny she was in reality. The napkin that he wrapped around the small plastic glass had something written on it and she pulled it gently from the damp sides, not wanting it to tear and ruin what it said.

‘Dammit your boobs are divine they would look better in my mouth, Patrick’

Jasmine felt the dampness between her thighs grow and smiled at the note not daring to look up for fear he would be staring at her. Maybe she wasn’t as old as she felt when she walked into this bar. He was smooth, Jasmine gave him that, and definitely not shy. After about the 3rd  drink she headed to the bathroom to find it full of college girls. All of them talking about Patrick. She laughed inwardly at the typical college girl mouth vomit that came when they were discussing men in drunken stupors they would not recall in the morning. Side eyeing them as she washed her hands at the sink she wondered just which girl would be going home with him tonight, laughing at the fleeting thought of it being her. Drying her hands she walked out into the hallway that led to the bathrooms and walked right into the wall of a chest she had lingered over with her eyes earlier from her table.

“OMG I am so sorry, ‘ Jasmine mumbled quickly, not making eye contact as her hand landed on his chest with a pat and lingered there.

“It was totally my fault I wasn’t watching the door in a hurry to get to the back room and just sit down for a few minutes, its been a long day.” That voice again, deep and gritty vibrated in her stomach. Before she could stop herself Jasmine blurted, ” I mean you are welcome to sit at my table if you don’t want to be alone on break. You know just offering, not like I am overloaded with a circle of drunken crazies at my table. Just me. I mean not that I am drunk.. shit or crazy.. ok jury still out on that one I am waiting for the final paper from the 3rd doctor to confirm, ” Jasmine giggled as it came out of her mouth. Dear God what the hell had gotten into her she sounded just like the giggly drunk college girls just verbally fucking him in the bathroom.  Sliding around him she rushed back to her table and sat down.

A couple minutes later a chair pulled out and his voice once again carried through her body as he said, ” So is this spot claimed by any drunken crazies or can a tired bartender sit here?’

Jasmine waved her hand for him to sit and felt butterflies roar up in her stomach as he did. From the corner of her eye she saw the gaggle of college girls coming out of the bathroom in their pack and the looks they shot her way upon seeing him sitting at her table. Well she felt the mental daggers as they sliced through the air in her direction. Patrick looked down the hallway where Jasmine’s eyes were and laughed at the looks. Taking Jasmine’s hand he leaned in and whispered in her ear, ” that is not my thing, they just want me because I look like the bad boy their mom’s told them about, tattoos, piercings, all I lack is the motorcycle to complete the ‘how to piss your parents off with one boy’ play set.” Jasmine tilted her head back in a hearty laugh and smiled at this man/ young man beside her. His age made her leery. Her age made her leery. Hell he could just be being polite because he was raised that way. But something in the way he whispered in her ear or grabbed her hand said different. They talked on and off throughout the evening, Patrick sitting with her at every break. When closing time came she went to grab her stuff and he asked her to wait with him and let him walk her home. He simply could not let her go out alone at this hour, besides it was only a couple of blocks away. Jasmine hesitated, her thighs were already damp from arousal, she knew he had to smell it on her like a weighted coat hanging around her frame. 3 more bathroom trips that featured the gaggle of girls only now they stared daggers through her and started talking about another male bartender.

After wiping down the bar, putting away all the glasses and checking what needed to be stocked Jasmine watched him walk to the room in the back, something came over her and she got out of her seat and snuck down the hall to the doorway and pushed it open slightly. He was lifting cases of bottles stacking them to haul to the front, his back muscles flexed under the shirt material, easing into the room she coughed slightly to get his attention. Patrick nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound, “Jesus don’t come up on someone like that. I am so used to being alone at this hour you are lucky I didn’t swing instinctively.” He leaned against the stack of boxes he was just lifting before she came in hand on his chest.

“Sorry, I didn’t think about that I was just wondering what was back here, ” Jasmine walked closer to him, her hand stretching out to touch his over his chest. Something in her pushed her to go one step further than another. Moving his hand she looked into his blue green eyes and smiled. “wow, that’s really pounding, maybe I could calm it down somehow”

Reaching down to his thigh her hand slid over the front of the jeans he wore and felt the growing of his cock beneath her touch. Her mouth kissed the soft flesh of his neck before biting on him as she went lower with her mouth. A moan escaped from Patrick, his hands never leaving the boxes to stop her or guide her. Biting his lip he watched her every move, her hand sliding over the denim jeans trailing the outline of his cock now at full attention and wanting freed. She paused, ” Am I being too forward, was I wrong to think I could do this? i mean I don’t normally do this but dammit I want this, in this moment right now.. you can say no.” her words tumbled out one on top of another as she tried to calm her own beating heart.

His response was to pull her up to his mouth with his hand around the base of her neck and kiss her long and deep. His tongue teasing her gently, his teeth grazing her lip as he pulled away. “No is not the word I was looking for at all, ” his smile crossing his face, dimples deep in his cheeks as she freed his cock from its prison. Lowering to her knees she took him to her mouth. Licking across the head, slithering around its rim, dipping just under to find that one pressure point right there behind that edge. His hands gripped the box tighter as she slid all of him into her mouth, rolling the piercing there over and over with her tongue as she sucked him gently. His hands found her shoulders and held on as she teased his cock with her hand on its base and her mouth sliding up and down with the hand filling in the gaps as she did. At no point was there a place she didn’t know the spot to apply the best pressure to and make him tremble from the waves that hitting them made roll over his frame.

Patrick leaned over to slid his hands into the shirt she wore, fingers sliding behind the silken bra to feel the hardness of her nipples in his hands, she moaned, it vibrating like a low hum over his cock and it jumped at the sensation. Her spit was sloppily covering him and rolling down and her hand would slide it right back up his cock before she came down once more with her hot mouth. He fought everything in him to simply hold her head and fuck her mouth but this was different, this was sensual and well known territory for her. How she knew exactly what would make his legs quiver, what made him moan, how to make his cock jump with pleasure. He felt the heat of his orgasm rising and he didn’t want to cum now. Sensing the shift in his body she pulled herself off slowly, licking her trail from him as she did. Now simply licking his cock like a popsicle, never taking him into her mouth, tongue strokes up the bottom side and down the left side, hand firmly wrapped at the base applying perfect pressure on that one artery that seemed larger than he had ever seen it in his life. He moaned as she once again took him deep into her throat and his knees buckled at the shift in sensation. The sound of the door opening in the bar brought it all to a stop. Patrick pulled up his jeans as fast as he could, panic across his face. “stay here,” he mumbled in a low growl, ” I will be right back”


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    Oh no, you shouldn’t stop there! This is hot and I want to read on…

    Rebel xox

  2. Jupiter Grant on May 8, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    This is SO hot! Fabulous 🔥🔥🔥