chapter 1 can be found here: Part 1 

Andre led Amanda to the car quickly, the rain had begun to fall while they were in the theater and the city glistened with street lights and storefronts casting their glow onto the dampened street. Amanda stood at the side of his sleek black pick up truck and grinned, ” This is not a car Sir. This is a truck, and yet I am not surprised at this being your vehicle. In all the things I have read and looked up about you since seeing you that first night on stage I never really picked you like a fast, sleek, sports car guy. I do however wonder exactly how you expect me to get in this thing. This dress and heels do not make for easy movement after all.” Amanda looked across the bed of the truck and saw the glint of the devil in his eyes as soon as the words escaped her mouth. In mere seconds he was beside her, his hand sliding a loose tendril of her wet hair from her face softly.

“In all your reading did you learn anything about cajun men? We open the doors, not you. My mama would skin me alive if I dared let a woman open her own door. Modern automotive technology however has a mind all its own and I have to unlock this from the drivers door first then come unlock the passenger.”, he reached down swooping her up as he opened the door and placed her swiftly into the seat. His grin one you would find on a mischievous boy up to no good. Amanda felt her heart do that flutter once more and the heat rise in her cheeks, casting her eyes lower down his frame. This position was about the only way she would ever be able to look down upon him, his height about 10 inches taller than hers. Making sure all of her dress was tucked safely inside the truck Andre closed the door and came back to his side and jumped in with ease. There was a side step but clearly he didn’t need to use it. Amanda found her eyes wandering his body again. The white dress shirt made wet by the rain clung to his skin and every line of his chest was visible, darkened flesh of his nipple pressing against the cold, wet material made her moan slightly at the thoughts it put in her head. Andre turned to her as he began backing out of the lot and raised an eyebrow, “Did you just moan?”, his deep voice once again making her body react in a way she had forgotten it could. Amanda bit her lip and dropped her head in embarrassment, she didn’t think it had been that loud. Clearly she thought wrong.

” Umm, well maybe, I mean it is chilly and rainy. I mean I could have sighed half moaned at being so wet and this material is so cold… ahem. “, turning to face the view out of her window so she didn’t have to look at his eyes. She knew if he locked eyes with her she was done for, she would just slide right off the seat into a puddle on the floorboard. Andre pulled her chin around to face him, again with that devilish grin and Damn those eyes.

“Ah, ” he replied, ” cold and wet. Mmhmm, but no that was not that type of noise. That was a moan of want and your face tells me I am not wrong. Tell me, in all of your ‘research’ of me, what did you learn? Other than I am from Louisiana, and who my parents were, the basics. Did you learn what my weaknesses were? My fears? My wants? What attracted me to a person? How could you be certain I wasn’t gay? I am not a person who releases everything about myself, I prefer that be kept close to the vest if you will. So how is it you have managed to figure out how to catch my attention without ever saying a word, or even an email to me or my manager? But most of all, how have you managed to have me gripping this steering wheel so tightly to stop myself from pulling over anywhere and simply having my way with you? What magic did you whisper to the night air that wove into my brain night after night as I saw you that made me want you to be mine completely without a second thought?”

Amanda gasped at his words, her breathing shallow and he could feel her tremble in the seat next to him. Placing a hand on her thigh he could feel her body was warm and her pulse was pounding so hard he could feel it in his fingertips. She moaned again when his hand found her thigh and bit her lip to stifle the sounds coming from her. Tendrils of her hair framed her face in wispy red spirals and she brushed one back to behind her ear trying to not look at Andre’s face. Finally, she replied, ” Maybe we are simply meant for each other, I could say the same about you from the first night I saw you perform. You took my breath away, it didn’t matter I had not one clue I knew what you were singing. I was simply drawn to you, I literally could not breathe the feeling was so overwhelming. I told myself oh its a fangirl crush. But I literally could not get you out of my head. So here I am and I don’t care what you like in the bedroom, or out of it. All I know is this is the first time I have felt like this in my life and it has to be a good thing because God knows I have had enough shit in my life. So drive Sir, where ever you desire. Your place, my place, hell the middle of the street on the tailgate I really care less. What I want is you.” The words tumbled out so fast Amanda knew she sounded like some crazy stalker and he would surely put her out now. Instead, he pulled out of the parking lot and sped out of town as fast as he could drive. Her hand reaching down to his on her thigh and tracing their length with her own fingers before lacing hers into his.

After about 15 minutes he pulled into the garage of a high rise building on the other side of town from her own. Sliding his truck into his reserved space Andre turned off the truck and sat for a minute just taking all of her in, simply holding her hand made him calmer. Amanda released his hand and looked at him, turning slightly sideways in the seat, pulling one leg up under her somewhat. The long dress didn’t make it easy but somehow she managed to pull it off and she finally smiled at him, her green eyes dancing as she watched his eyes peruse her frame once more. She reached timidly over and ran her hand gently down his jawline, before reaching up to run her fingers in his thick dark hair. God, it was exactly as she had dreamt it would feel like and she bit her lip at the memories of the dreams she had prior to this moment. Andre pulled her hand from his hair and shook his head. His own breathing now shallow and erratic, his own skin flushed. “Not here, come let’s go up to my floor.” Pulling keys from the ignition he hopped out before she could stop him and was around to her door to help her out, once more simply picking her up from the seat before gently placing her on the floor beside him on her feet. Locking the truck and sliding his arm around her he led her to the elevators and they both eyed each other as they waited for the doors to spring open and allow them access. When they did they were met by other residents coming down and they moved quickly out of the way and practically ran into it just as the doors began to close. Hitting the button for the 23rd floor Andre turned to face Amanda, his hand at the base of her neck, his long fingers lifting her face upwards as he leaned down to kiss her again. A fire burned through her when his lips met hers, Every nerve ablaze as her hands slid up his chest to wrap around his neck. His free arm pulled her from her waist against him fully and she felt his own want pressing through the fabric of his pants. Andre bit her bottom lip gently as he pulled back, watching her face to see her reaction to being that close to him in the elevator. They both jumped at the ding of the elevator when it arrived at his floor, both thankful that no one else had stopped it before then.

She looked at the small corridor that led to his door and stepped out, hand in hand as he fumbled with his own keys he was in such a rush. The sound of a phone ringing behind the door made him fumble even more until finally the lock clicked open and he pulled her in behind him. The phone still ringing he kissed her once more, this time his tongue pushed past her lips and danced with her own tongue. She moaned at the feel of his hands on her, Andre kissed his way down her neck as her fingers locked around his pulling him closer. After finally pulling free from her and catching his breath Andre looked at her, his eyes begging to have more and he stood there looking at her.

“Why did you stop?? Is something wrong??”, Amanda asked, her heart pounding, her breasts heavy with blood rush and want as she waited for his next move. She didn’t want to wait, she wanted to undress him and taste him on her tongue, feel his hands grip her skin as she did. Her eyes lingered on his waist, licking her lips as she did. Andre watched as she literally undressed him without removing a single piece of clothing from his frame. His blood flooded up his body, his cock strained to be freed.

” Dammit woman, I want you, naked now, against me, ” Andre once more swept her up in his arms and walked down the hall to the bedroom. Pitching her gently on the bed he was quickly atop of her, still fully dressed as was she. His breathing was fast and his voice was deeper than she had ever heard it, “I have never wanted someone so badly, so insistently. I am not this kind of man. But you have me twisted and I don’t want to be untwisted right now. ” Getting to his knees to remove the shirt Amanda watched as it came from his frame and his biceps drew taut as he slid a hand between her thighs and up. Amanda moaned as he reached the black panties she wore and slid past their need soaked arousal to find her swollen lips. Using his knees he spread her legs apart, her dress sliding up her thighs to accommodate his wants. His one free hand slid up to her hand and locked fingers with hers as her hips arched up to meet him. Suddenly the dress was so tight against her chest she couldn’t breathe and she reached to pull it from her breasts. His mouth found her hardened nipple and bit at it making her squirm and moan as he did. His fingers sliding into the wet velvet of her walls and to feel it pulsate around him. Andre wasted no time in pulling the panties completely from her allowing him total access to her nakedness down there. Her arousal smelled like watermelon and earthy muskiness and he inhaled of her scent deeply. Andre lowered his face to between her legs and she pulled him back up, begging him not to, not right now. she wanted him to fill her up. She needed to feel him deep within her walls and who was he to tell her no. He stood to remove his pants and she tugged at the zipper on the dress before saying fuck it and just pulling it off over her head. Her red hair fanned out across his sheets like fire and her pale skin was warm to his touch.His tongue traced its way back up her body from her waist to each nipple, her hips squirming beneath him her nails in the flesh of his shoulders begging him to not tease her. His arms back on the bed holding him up as he guided himself into her, her hips arched perfectly to grant him access.

Andre entered her slowly at first, the head of him breaking through the tightness of her and listening to the catch of her breath as he did. Amanda felt her pussy contract around him, pulling all of him into her, his girth and length tearing her ever so deliciously as she did. It was a pain worth the pleasure and only made her more aroused. Balls deep inside her his strokes were methodical and steady as he tried to regain control of his own emotions and responses, but it was in vain. His teeth bit at the sweet flesh of her neck as she bucked under him to keep his strokes from taking his cock to far from her. Her nails on his chest and her eyes in that half doe close of pleasure and need. She came over him like a flood, juices thick and sticky flowing down his length and over his balls and he felt his own body trembling with her tightness. How the fuck could she get any tighter? But she did. Her walls pinning him inside her as her mouth found his and she kissed him long and deep. The sounds of her moans and growls making him push deeper and her moan louder. Knowing she was going to make him cum before he wanted to Andre pulled free and flipped her to her knees. Her ass up, the garter belt still in place and the feel of the silky hose against his thighs as he drove deep into her again.  Jesus she was tighter this way if possible. Gripping her hair in his hands he pulled her up as he drove into her again and again. Each stroke stronger than the last and she cried out with the pleasure and pain of it all. Her face lowered to the bed below as she muffled her own scream from another orgasm, her body shuddering beneath him as his own peak came from out of nowhere. Andre leaned over and pulled her tight against him, his hands wrapped tightly around her belly as his teeth sank into the flesh of her shoulder and he bit her as he came. Exploded was a more appropriate word, her walls throbbing in rhythm around his hard cock as if milking him for every drop he could give. She slowly slid her knees down, keeping him nestled inside of her as she did and he lay across her back. Both panting, and his sweat dripping onto her back making her twitch as it did because her every nerve was so attuned the slightest breeze would make her jump. He rolled off of her, feeling the pop of his release from her walls as he did and she moaned that he had done so. Once on his back he pulled her over to him, her hair tickling his flesh as she curled into his side and her hands stroked across the top of his still throbbing, sensitive cock. Amanda looked up at him, a smile across her face as she stretched up to kiss him again. Softer this time, no tongue, just a sweet, satisfied kiss.

“Well, that certainly did not go where I thought it would, “Andre growled. Amanda giggled and replied, ” I am not complaining? Are you?”

” Hell no. But I usually last a little longer but there was no control for me this time, it unnerved me a bit. ” Andre squinted down at her , ” Witch what have you done to me?”

” I could ask the same Cajun devil, I didn’t come from the land of voodoo queens and black magic Sir, but you sure worked a spell on me.” , she snuggled in tighter, ” Is it a bad thing?”

“So far no, but I can tell you are not the average woman either. I am always the chaser not the chased and this has thrown me for a loop. I also do not normally just bring someone home and go straight to this, but here we are. What I do know is I am still hungry, and now dehydrated, and we both look like drowned rats.”

” So what do you suggest?, ” Amanda asked.

“I am thinking on it… , ” Andre smiled as he got out of the bed and walked across the vast room to the bathroom, ” are you joining me or do I have to bath alone??”

Amanda jumped out of the bed onto her still wobbly legs and righted herself with the bed. Removing her garter belt Andre yelled. ” I will get that in here leave it be.” giggling she headed for the bathroom where the sound of water running made her smile even more .