This week’s Tmi Tuesday questions:


1. What qualities of do you like and dislike about yourself? I love my brain.. looks wise I am nothing special, too thick, too old, too something. But my brain.. oh it is the part that helps me create the stories, view the scenes.. 

2. If you had the chance to rename yourself, would you? If yes, what would be your new name? No I kinda like my real name and it has a meaning behind it so I would keep it

3. Tell us one thing you wished had not happened in your life? My mom passing. Despite having 3 sisters I might as well be alone now. I don’t know why I expected any different from them, wishful thinking I suppose. To have grown up with the same mother they are nothing like me. I am all about family as a whole, they are about their family and nothing else matters. 

4. Have you ever been in a secret relationship? Why was it secret? ehhh yes and no.. for various reasons on their end not mine.. 

5. You must create a rumor about yourself, what is the rumor? I had a boob job to reduce them.. and the male population cried simultaneously. Lord I never leave the house or go anywhere to have a rumor started that had truth to it.. If I had done all the shit I have been accused of trust me I would be rich and getting laid daily.

Bonus: What would you do if you had 1 million U.S. dollars? You cannot laugh. I make bath and body products. As in aside from this blogging gig that is my main source of income. I would buy a house then the rest would go into creating a space to just make all the soap and products I wanted and the marketing to get them out everywhere. Get into stores and such and then make the rest of my fortune doing the other thing I love aside from writing..

Just a few of my products and yes I have an online store… and yes I do wholesale.. oh and I make soap out of liquor as well.

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