I am not sure if I can truly define my kink, it varies in so many ways and runs over into so many other arenas. Which if you knew me in real life would be totally understandable. Must be the ADHD in me. Watching porn doesn’t do it for me, but I am a visual person, I know lovely conundrum that I am, take me or leave me.  Sensual photographs like can be found on Masturbation Monday arouse me. But I am a visualizer best when I read. I think there is something wholly different when you see it in your mind’s eye. Which is why my writing tends to be so descriptive if you will. I don’t want you to read it like a newspaper article. I want you to see the whole scene, the sounds playing in your mind, that breathing pattern that reminds you of a heel on a marble floor as she walks away, its staccato rhythm echoing in your head as she does.

In real life, the day to day, mundane I am in control. Whether I want to be or not. But in the bedroom, I want to be free. Would I say a submissive, yes to a point but I am also a little hard headed.. A submissive with Spunk if you will, defiant enough to make it interesting. Restraints, yes please, your hands, leather cuffs, hand cuffs, fabric, easy with the rope my skin is picky as fuck, suspension is a hard no thank you. Bite me oh please, there is something about teeth on my flesh that just do me in, pull my hair, blindfold me, spreader bars, mild whips, no canes, no metal rods. No blood or knives or needles.

I love giving head, love the taste of him in my mouth, the feel of him at the back of my throat. I like receiving IF they aren’t going after it like a slobbery dog.. shudders. More than one person in the room, I am a watcher yes, fantasized about being watched by someone who has bound me to the bed and blindfolded me and left me to the wolves if you will. I can cum multiple times but a mind blowing orgasm is hard to reach for me. Mainly because it requires me to be totally relaxed and not in control, ergo the submissive part.

Talk to me, call me your slut, your princess, your toy. Growl in my ear, tell me how I feel, I am all about the noises.

Did I mention I love to give head? Oh yes there is something implicitly arousing to me to have a man in my mouth, to feel the tremble of his body when my tongue wraps around them. I can get off simply doing that if he is vocal about the act.

Questions? Ask Away. I am an open book.



  1. Will on March 12, 2019 at 11:32 pm

    Do you swallow? You said in an earlier post you don’t have any day to day sex anymore. Would you play with me? A safety boy toy? Would you watch me? I want to tell you what I am thinking while you watch me. I want you to see my contractions as I empty my balls for you. I would love to show you how turned on and aroused and excited you make me. I fantasize of you often.

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