The hunter

Allison listened as he pulled away from her, fully aware of her body’s response to his presence. Straining to hear where he was she heard what sounded like a bag opening just behind her. The ground on her knees was chilled and starting to dampen from the cool night air, her heart still beating so loudly she was certain a animal a mile away could hear it. She felt his hand on her back, her shirt being slid up her frame with it, his fingers tracing the length of her spine as he did. Her breathing had slowed somewhat as she sat perfectly still, anticipating what he would do with the shirt free. Once it was off and pushed down to her bound wrists she felt the damp night air on her exposed nipples, they were erect and perfect brown circles visible in the brightness of the moon’s glow that cast over her. He ran his hands over each fleshy mound, fingers pinching each nipple as he passed over them. His fingers were not rough, but strong and once again her dampness gave her away. “You like that don’t you slut? It’s ok no one will know but you and I. Oh yes I think you enjoyed that very much, ” he knelt before her and she caught the soft hint of his cologne mingling with his own notes of arousal. One hand slid down her belly, round and plump, oh how she hated it normally but at his touch it felt almost beautiful. Allison tugged at her ropes which succeeded in only pulling her now bare back against the roughness of the tree behind her. Wincing with the scrapes she soon relaxed into the strength of the tree, realizing to struggle was only going to result in more pain for her. Once his hand reached the top of her pubic mound he stopped just short of sliding a finger under the leg of her shorts, she half wanted him to and felt her hips thrust up as if to tease him into doing so. “See, ” his voice almost purr like in her ear, ” you do want this, you want my finger there, you want me to feel how wet you are don’t you slut? Tell me it is what you want, ” the purr changing into a deep commanding voice.

“Call me Sir as you did earlier! Tell me slut was that manners or a deeper meaning, one that rose up when you saw my cock through my jeans. Did you think about it sliding into that sloppy wet cunt and tearing its tender pink walls with the girth of me? Did you realize I wasn’t even hard then, oh but I was when you walked away, pretty damn close anyway. I knew right then where my night would be, right here, with you, bound and held so I can enjoy you as long as I please, oh and I plan on taking all night if need be. I will expose the dirty little sub slut laying dormant inside.”, deep tones shook through her every nerve ending, her moan echoing in the trees and the moonlight.

She felt the fabric of his jeans in her face, his cock straining to be free, pressing against her face as he slid it past her open mouth. Allison moaned again as he slowly undid the belt on those jeans, the sound of leather sliding through the loops made her tremble. She heard the sound of it hitting the forest floor beside her then heard the zipper of the jeans come down. She could smell him, earthy and musky with a hint of the smoke scent from the fire earlier. He freed his cock and held her face as he slid it into her open lips. Just the head of it first, Allison licked it slowly, the first drops of his arousal salty sweet on her tongue. His hands went to the back of her head as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth, touching the back of her throat with crazy speed. At first she felt like she would choke, but she caught herself short of panic and took a breath through her flared nostrils as he slid past her mouth into the back of her throat and down it. Her tongue wrapped his cock like a tight fitting sleeve, licking and sucking, the sounds of her spit slopping out making him harder and slide deeper. She pulled back with his last stroke going so deep she really did nearly choke, finding her sweet spot again her mouth began sucking then licking a rhythm he found himself thrusting into once again. His hands pulled at the hair on the back of her neck as he felt his own climax nearing. One last perfectly placed pressure on his shaft of her tongue and he exploded. Hot salty cum shot down her throat as she swallowed all he gave her. Pulling back some dribbled down her chin and he wiped it from there and slid his finger into her mouth so she could truly get every last drop.

Allison hoped it was all he needed and being emptied he would now release her and leave her alone. But he strode around behind her, her ass still in the shorts and his hand pushed her forward to be face down as far as she could with her hands bound. Realizing this stretched her shoulders too far he reached to the tree and undid the rope from it turning her to face it instead and tying her hands in front of her. “hands to the ground,” he growled. ” I want that ass up where I can see it and your arousal running from your swollen slit.”

Allison leaned over as best she could manage with both hands having to stay in the middle of her frame, pulling her shorts from her body he dropped to his knees behind her and slid his cock in still softened from her amazing tongue talents. Slowly he ground into her and she could feel his girth widen and stretch her pussy until it stung but in a good way. He moan at the girth of him filling her was nothing once he stroked all the way into her pulsing pink walls. For the love of all that is holy he had never in all his years felt a pussy pulse with the strength hers did around him now. 4 strokes in he felt her walls shudder and her sticky honey flow even more from her frame. “Did you just cum slut? Did I say you could cum?”, his hands pulled back on her hair lifting her head as she shook it no forcefully. “Answer me with your words, I know you can speak whore.”

His words stung like a slap across the cheek, feeling the blood pooling to her face in anger, gritting her teeth she hissed, “No you did not asshole. Not like I wanted to but apparently my body gives not one shit about what I want, or think I want….” Allison’s voice trailed away as he slammed his cock so deep into her she was sure she felt it coming out of her throat.

” Well for future reference, you do not cum unless I say you can, am I clear?”, hands wrapped in her hair, pulling it so tight as he slid in and out of her repeatedly. ” Yes ” , was all she could muster to say as his thick cock plunged inside her once more.

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