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OH Dear a fine mess I have gotten myself into..

So as a sex blogger, and a woman who loves sex it would only make sense to partner with amazing companies who are all pro-sex and sexual exploration right?! So Jack and Jill has always been a fun place for me to go perusing items and thinking about what if I got this one or…

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Chapter 2 Captured

Allison listened as he pulled away from her, fully aware of her body’s response to his presence. Straining to hear where he was she heard what sounded like a bag opening just behind her. The ground on her knees was chilled and starting to dampen from the cool night air, her heart still beating so…

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The hunt

Allison got dressed, tossed on her favorite jeans, a tank top, put on her hiking boots and threw a bandana around her hair to keep the sweat out of her eyes and headed out the door. Driving to the lake she was bouncing out of her seat, spring had arrived and tonight it was supposed…

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