Jumping in with part 2 For Marie this week

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Patrick left Jasmine in the back room, her heart pounding out of her chest from the thought of how close they came to getting caught. Jasmine leaned against the stack of boxes and put one hand on her chest to feel how hard her heart was thumping and the other on her forehead to push back the sweaty tendrils of hair that had now fallen from their place in the moments before when the body heat was high. His taste lingered on her tongue and she licked her lips at the thought of him being safely there only seconds before, a slight shiver running down her back. Jasmine tiptoed to the door to see if she could see who had shown up like that and heard 2 deep voices, one was clearly Patrick, the other one she had no clue who it was. Neither was talking very loudly so she could not hear what was being said, but it didn’t sound like it was anything bad from the tones of their voices. She heard the door open again and the chimes go off once more and this time she heard the lock on the door click.

Jasmine ran back to the boxes, her heart still pounding and her head still spinning from her unbridled act of lewdness only minutes before. A flush in her cheeks when Patrick entered the back room once more, his complexion as flushed as her but more from panic than arousal at this moment. Walking over to Jasmine he leaned into her and kissed her lips, softly at first, his hands gently on her waist, then more deeply. Tongue sliding into her mouth as if looking for any remnants of his taste left behind, Jasmine felt her arms sweep up and tangle around his shoulders and neck and his hands tightened their grasp on her hips as he pressed her into him. She felt the pressure of his cock once more, pressing against the jeans again as if begging for release. Her thighs tensed as he lifted her nearly up and then gently let her back down. His hands slid down her thigh, softly at first, feeling the heat from her even from a distance of 6 inches away. Patrick paused, looking into her eyes as his hand slid closer, waiting for her to reach down and stop him but Jasmine simply stepped her legs apart just so, allowing him to slide up her inner thigh and feel the slickness against it from her want already there. His smile showed the deepness of his dimples, even behind the beard, his eyes twinkled and his mouth found hers again as his hand slid farther up still until he found the wetness of her swollen lips grazing his fingers. Jasmine stopped for one second, a catch in her breath as his fingers probed past the swollen sensitive lips and into the warmth of her inner folds. Her pussy welcomed him like a long lost friend, her muscles twitching at the sensation of his fingers there. Jasmine arched her hips slightly, encouraging his exploration of her. She trembled when he flicked across the swollen pink nub of her clit, already bright red she was sure from the filling of the blood vessels housed there. Patrick’s free hand slid to the small of her back and slid beneath the soft fabric of her shirt, quickly unclasping the bra there and coming to the front to free her breast from their cages. Pinching one nipple and then the other she moaned at the feel of it as his finger between her legs slid deftly into her throbbing, cum soaked cunt. Her moan became louder as he slid first one finger then 2 into her, the fullness being slightly uncomfortable but arousing her all the more. She closed her eyes and her head fell back as she let this man have his way with her in the back room of this bar. All the things she thought might happen tonight, this was definitely not one of them. Patrick’s head lowered to the exposed flesh of her neck and his teeth sunk in, gently at first then suddenly with power and strength and she found herself grinding against his hand in her pussy harder. His palm catching the hot sticky juices that she gave so freely he felt her walls spasm in pleasure around his fingers. Her fingers wrapped in his hair now as he finger fucked her like some high school girl in the back seat after a date. She felt slutty and hot and so fucking dangerously happy she couldn’t think. Pressing her chest into him, feeling the stiffness of his uniform shirt against her hardened nipples she heard her moans turn to words, ” Fuck yes, please oh please”, her voice raspy and throaty from her own breathing. Patrick slowed his hands, lifted his face to look her in the eyes and gripped the back of her hair in his hand.

“Please what?”, his voice no longer soft and gentle, more demanding and dominating, which made her legs tremble with anticipation of the rest of the night.

“Just please do whatever to me, but I want to fuck you, here, now, I want you buried inside me. God, please. I am so close I just need your cock buried in me to finish this one.”, Jasmine breathless and trembling, her dark eyes pleading for him to fuck her.

Patrick stopped and pulled back, his hands sliding from her frame. He licked her want from his fingers before giving her a taste of her own pleasure. Jasmine sucked slowly taking her time to clean his fingers and he watched every lick. Once his fingers were clean he rubbed his hand down the front of his jeans as if to settle his visible throbbing cock under the fabric. Jasmine stood there, waiting, every nerve on edge, licking her lips as she stared him down. Patrick stood there, his heart pumping rapidly, he looked around the room feeling nothing was appropriate for truly enjoying the fullness of her. He wanted to see every curve, touch every dimple and spot she tried to hide with her loose clothes. His hand slid over her ample breast and she raised up to meet his touch, her breath coming in small quick pants as she felt it like electricity over her whole body. Pulling her from the boxes he led her outside into the hallway. turning to face her his kissed her once more and whispered, “Stay right here.” as he walked away.

Jasmine’s legs were shaking with anticipation, not sure exactly what was going through his mind at this moment. The longer she waited the more anxious she found herself feeling. She could hear what sounded like fabric being moved around and she gasped when he popped back in the hallway and pulled her back into the empty bar. All the lights were off now, only a small set over the bar itself turning it into a stage of sorts. Patrick had pulled every window blind to the bottom of the windows and he led her behind the bar. Once there he lifted her shirt from her frame, pulled a piece of ice from the cooler behind her and slid it into his mouth and began to tease her now exposed nipples to the ice and she winced from the coldness of it against her flesh. Reaching farther with his hands he pulled the skirt from her frame, watching her step from it and the little panties beneath still soaked from her arousal. Sliding her shoes off she was now before him totally exposed and suddenly she felt not so self-assured. Nearing 50 her figure was full in places she hated, she never stood naked in a mirror and him ogling her up and down made her feel exposed in the worst way. She twisted slightly as if to hide her nakedness but his hands grabbed her wrists and held them out, forcing her to stand beneath his gaze. Patrick eyed her up and down slowly, licking his lips as he did as if he was ready to devour her like a meal. Finally, he slid her bare ass onto the wood of the bar before him and pulled her nakedness against him, his hands tracing the edges of her shoulder blades that stuck out just so, his mouth still teasing with its coldness her throbbing nipples. Jasmine moaned at his worship of her body, never having had someone even remotely take such time with her. He spread her legs as his mouth trailed down her body lower and lower before burying his face between her thighs. Patrick inhaled of her musky want like a junkie getting his fix. His teeth grazed her thigh and she trembled at his touch. His hand pushed her upper body back and slid her legs over his shoulders as he tasted of her, licking the juices from her thigh and finally making his way to her throbbing pussy, already soaked once more. Jasmine felt her desire slid between the cheeks of her ass and squirmed as she felt like she was going to slide from her position but his placement of her kept her safely nestled against his body. His fingers pinched and flipped her nipples each time making her jerk upwards from the pain and pleasure she found in his actions. Her hands reached down to grab his hair as her teeth clenched to muffle her moans as much as possible in the echoing of the empty bar. His tongue rough against her velvet walls and her thighs instinctively tried to come back together but his frame made sure that didn’t happen. His tongue licked every crevice and fold of her thick pussy before diving into her walls with power. Its entrance brought her nearly back upright to sitting as she felt her wave build once more. Just as she thought for sure she was going to cum right then he pulled back and undid his pants. He didn’t bother to come out of them completely, just stepped up to her spread thighs and drove deep into her. She felt every inch of him like a jackhammer slam into her and her walls stretched to contain all of him. The first thrust, the feel of his piercing sliding deep against her floor and hitting spots she didn’t know she had, the top filling with blood to wrap around him like a straight jacket. Upright now her nails dug into his shoulders as his teeth pulled at her nipples now easily accessible. Her orgasm came so hard she could barely breathe, her honey sliding over him and her and the bar below like a sticky river of satisfaction. One more thrust and she collapsed over him, as his thrusts took on a rhythm to take her right back up. She felt the swell of his cock with each thrust in and out and felt hot tears on her cheeks, her arms like jello and her body simply his for the control now. Slowing to a stop she felt the twitch of his cock deep inside of her and she mumbled in his ear, ” Cum for me,” her mouth landing on his neck in hot fiery bites. Picking back up the pace he thrust harder, her walls clinging to his cock like it was a lifeboat in a vicious sea. Her head threw back as she came once again and his growl blended with hers, the drops of sweat falling onto their bodies and the counters they had just victimized with their passion. Jasmine clung to him as she felt the hot spurts of cum unload in her walls, his shoulders heaving as he did so, her fingers tangling in his hair as he buried his face in her breasts. Kissing her there so gently she shivered at the contrast between the heat seconds before and the gentleness now.

Sliding her softly to her feet he handed her a bar towel to dry off with. She stood shakily there, her body still spasming with aftershocks.

“So, am I going home alone tonight?”, Patrick asked with all seriousness.

“Only if you go to your house, I live closer if we can walk there in a few minutes.”, Jasmine replied a small smile coming across her face.

“Oh definitely, because this night isn’t over I hope?” Patrick looked at her and grinned..


  1. Marie Rebelle on May 7, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    This is such a sexy story and I like that the night is not over 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. e.l. byrne on May 7, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    Loved the ending… keep on going…

  3. May More on May 8, 2019 at 10:12 am

    I love – his teeth grazed her thigh – yes please 😉

  4. Jupiter Grant on May 8, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Oohhhhhhhhh, don’t stop, don’t stop, you tease!!. This mouth-watering bliss. I can’t wait for the next installment!! 👄👄👄