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Jasmine got dressed as Patrick watched her in the dimness of the bar, a soft smile played across his face. Looking around for her panties he held them up and said, “lose something?”.

Jasmine laughed and reached for her panties to have them snatched back and placed in Patrick’s pocket. “I think you really don’t need these, they are rather wet and would be slightly chilly in the air don’t you think?”

His words did hold truth but she felt it was more of a challenge, sliding her shoes on she shrugged her shoulders and replied,” Keep them I have more at home, little boy.” Her eyes darted up to see the look on his face as she made reference to their obvious age difference.

In a second he was beside her, his eyes piercing through hers, “I wasn’t a little boy 20 minutes ago was I ma’am?”, firing back with his own dig. “Touche'”, she replied, half slugging his arm as she looped her elbow around his offered elbow.  Unlocking the door they stepped into the street that was deserted at this hour, every store shuttered closed and she was grateful to not be walking home alone. Patrick guided her to the lone car left in front of the bar and opened the passenger door for her. She turned and said, ” I thought we were walking? I just live a couple of blocks away.”

“No you said we could walk, I never said I wanted to walk. Besides we get there quicker in this. I mean I am a big guy no one would mess with us, but why bother?”, Patrick waited till she took the seat and closed the door behind her. Starting the engine they sped off to her house 2 blocks away. Pulling into her driveway he turned to face her, ” so any roommates, kids, other people or animals I need to prepare for before we go in there??”

Jasmine laughed and shook her head, “No I am the true spinster without the cats.”

He leaned over and whispered, ” Sexiest spinster I have ever met,” as his lips met hers for a long deep kiss. Jasmine felt the catch in her throat rise up, her heart begin pounding once more and reached for the door handle to exit before things went too far in the driveway. She giggled when she realized she just fucked him on a bar, now she is worried about being in her driveway and getting caught. Patrick came around the car and offered his hand for her to exit and his hand found the small of her spine as he followed her to her door.

Once inside Jasmine flips the switch for the living room and kicks off her shoes, leading him to the kitchen she hands him a beer from the fridge and grabs herself a juice. Patrick opens the beer and sits on the seat by the island and looks around the kitchen for a second then takes her hand and pulls Jasmine back to him. She slides easily between his legs and his mouth once again finds hers, his tongue delving deep, the taste of the juice still on her tongue. Her teeth playfully grip the end of his tongue as he ends the kiss by sliding his hand up the back of her thigh pulling her skirt up as he does. Jasmine stops his hand and shakes her head. “Easy, I have to get a shower, it is just a thing I have, a quirk if you will. Had we stayed in a bed and gone for a repeat no issues, but now that I have walked around and it has all dried on me I feel sticky and icky and far from sexy.”

Patrick nodded and said, “How about a shower for 2? Or a hot bath? Or are you one of those bath alone women?”

Jasmine grabbed his hand and pulled him down a hall and he found himself standing in her bathroom with only a night light glowing in the pitch black to illuminate the room. Jasmine reached to turn on the light and Patrick stopped her, his eyes having adjusted to the darkness he saw all he needed to see. In the corner was a deep tub, large enough for 2 and he debated the feel of her against his chest in the deepness of that tub. Pulling her over to it he turned on the water and flipped the drain closed when it reached a temperature that was perfect. Her fingers slid to the hem of his shirt and pulled it from his frame, taking the lead this time he was happy to allow her that freedom. Her mouth traced across his chest, tongue teasing his nipples as her hands undid the belt and button on his jeans and slid them from his hips. Patrick stopped her long enough to get her shirt from her body, unhooking the bra as he kissed her deeply and felt her nipples respond to the touch of his mouth on her neck. Once the tub was about halfway filled Jasmine directed him to step in and joined him in the water, watching as the steam rose from her air-cooled skin. Reaching behind him she grabbed an oversized sponge, lathered it up with the soap on the side and began to wash his frame. Taking her time to lather him up Patrick played with a strand of her hair that lay damp upon her bare shoulder. Jasmine tossed aside the sponge and put her hands to use, her hand dipping below the water to feel his cock already erect and she gripped him tightly, teasing him with her hand as her mouth found his. Patrick’s hand clung to her hips, wanting to let her lead but his own mind was filled with pulling her down onto his cock and driving deep into her from below.

As if she read his mind she slid her thighs over his and lowered herself onto him. While the water tended to take away from the slickness of a woman’s natural lubrication Jasmine was certainly the exception at this moment. Patrick watched the look on her face as she slid slowly onto him, every inch deeper her face relaxed more, her body relaxed over him as her head fell back. Patrick felt the muscles in her neck relax as she slowly ground herself over him. His hands slid over her breasts, soapy from her closeness to him. Grabbing the sponge to occupy his hands he lathered up her chest, slowly tracing the lines of her breasts, sliding lightly over the nipples to see the skin on her body seem to move as if she grew chilled at that moment. Dipping the sponge into the tub to rinse it he used the moment to shift his hips up and drive deeply into her on an upstroke for her. She gripped his shoulders and moaned loudly echoing on the walls at the feel of him going that deeply. As spur of the moment, heat driven passionate their sex was at the bar, this was the lovemaking that required time and attention. It wasn’t getting in and getting done this was as much mental as it was physical.

Jasmine leaned back as Patrick took the sponge back to her bare skin to rinse the suds away, the shift in positioning for his cock inside of her applied more pressure to her in places that made her walls tighten around him and her breath catch in her throat with the electric jolts it sent through her frame. Patrick played on this position to grip her hips and pull her down harder on his throbbing cock. The feel of him swelling larger inside of her making Jasmine moan with pleasure. His teeth gripped the nipple of her right breast, and her fingers dug into the meat of his shoulders. Her strokes up grew shorter, her breathing grew more shallow and her pussy gripped him so tightly he barely had room to move in or out. Jasmine came forward again, her head resting on his arms as she slowly ground against him, her position placed her clit directly over the rise of Patrick’s pubic bone, the constant grind against him applying pressure just perfectly, each slide over was a jolt to her frame and she would twitch with anticipation. Patrick grabbed her shoulders by coming from under her arms, holding her down against him, limiting her ability to grind herself too far back, her walls massaging his cock from base to tip. Hips thrusting upward to grind into her as deep as possible Patrick held himself within her allowing her to short grind and feel every muscle inside her twitch in desperation for release. As Jasmine reached her peak every muscle trembled beneath his fingers and his mouth kissed down her neck before finally biting at her flesh. The last bite was the push over the edge and her walls trembled in release, her thick honey coating him and her and rolling into the water. Jasmine kissed him softly, her muscles still twitching, his shaft still nestled inside her spasming walls. Lifting herself up gently she felt him slide free from her and he moaned.

Patrick debated on holding her down but he had to admit there was not much room to spread out in the tub, so he released her and handed her the sponge. He watched as she slid it across her cum slickened shaved pussy, spreading her swollen lips gently to make sure she didn’t miss any. However, that simple action made her legs tremble since she was still so aroused and his cock was right before her as she bathed. Patrick grabbed the soap and washed himself off, sliding his hand slowly up and down his cock to tease her. Jasmine left the tub, wrapping in a thick blue towel then pulling out another for him. He stood up and she eyed his frame up and down, His arms were solid muscle, tattoos decorating his whole body, vibrant colors popping from his skin. He wrapped the towel around his waist and followed her to the bedroom. A king sized bed took up most of the room a single lamp on a nightstand the only light in the room at the moment. Jasmine pulled him into the bed with her and the feel of him pressing against her led her to spread her legs. Undoing his towel Patrick slid hers up and slid into her walls once more easily, her knees coming up around his waist to get him deep into her once more. Bracing himself on one arm he undid the towel from her chest and gripped one breast so tightly she winced for a moment in pain, but the feel of his mouth enveloping her nipple turned the pained yelp into a moan and she arched up to meet him. Suddenly her eyes focused on him and he recognized the doe eye look of one releasing their power to submit to the one above them. Her submission changed the game, and Patrick realized he had to stop and they needed to talk before he went much further. But she felt so damn good around him and his cock was throbbing already. Patrick opted to play it straight for this moment, but if there was more to come ground rules had to be put in place. His mind went wild with thoughts as he drove into her, hands gripping her flesh, her mouth lighting his skin on fire as she kissed him and bit at him. Finally, he grabbed her hands and pinned her arms out taking free rein of her breasts with his mouth and feeling her buck up into him. Her voice was hoarse as she cried out in release and the feel of her cum coating him once more drove his release. His cock exploded within her walls, mixing with her sticky river of satisfaction that rolled to the bed below them. Collapsing beside her, his mind going in circles about a possible next round, he lay beside her. Jasmine nestled into his arms, her fingers over his chest as she looked up into his eyes.

“You held back? Why?”, Jasmine softly asked.

“Because I need ground rules before we cross that line. God how I wanted to cross that line but I know better. My tendencies can be more than some can handle and I would rather be set on lines before we go there.”, Patrick replied.

Jasmine nodded, ” Yes, I agree. So I guess we better go get something to drink, maybe a snack and talk. We have a long night ahead of us and I would prefer to spend it in a way that we started this night if possible.”

Patrick laughed and shook his head, ” Jesus you are more of a nympho than I am.”

Jasmine play punched him and hopped up on wobbly legs and headed to the kitchen. Patrick laid there for a split second before following.