Allison got dressed, tossed on her favorite jeans, a tank top, put on her hiking boots and threw a bandana around her hair to keep the sweat out of her eyes and headed out the door. Driving to the lake she was bouncing out of her seat, spring had arrived and tonight it was supposed to be a full moon. She had waited until mid-afternoon to head that way, knowing too much sun after this trapped in the house winter would not be kind to her. Pulling into her favorite picnic area she grabbed her backpack out of the back seat, locked up the car and crossed the wooden bridge that led to the trail on the ridge. The sun was setting perfect for the pictures she wanted to take as she went. Hiking up the trail she found the spot she loved the most. Surrounded by the tall trees, huge patch of firm ground and few rocks she spread out her blanket and took out her camera. About 20 foot in front of her was the drop off that went about 45 feet down before finding ground again and with the silence of the woods she could hear the scuffling of wild animals just below her. Probably a deer or two as it was nothing to come here and have them just walking through the parking area, unflinching in the sight of people. Taking a few shots she took out her note book and paper from her backpack and began to write. Nothing much really, just random thoughts, things she planned to do this week, goals she wanted to reach. Grabbing a water bottle from her bag she slid her shoes and socks off and buried her bare toes into the still cool dirt beneath her. Reconnecting with the Earth, God how she needed this right now. Pulling her bag over and folding it up she laid back on her blanket and closed her eyes to the sun, content to just lay and listen to all the sounds around her. She had just begun to drift off when the sounds of leaves and twigs crunching behind her startled her. Opening her eyes she saw the dark silhouette of a man in a white cowboy hat and button down shirt. Sitting up to better see him she nearly jumped from her skin when he spoke, ” Sorry didn’t mean to scare you, just had never been this way before and kind of stumbled my way into you. I apologize sincerely.” , tipping his hat barely from his head as he said it, his red hair visible as he did.

Lifting her hand to help mute the sun beaming behind his back and over his shoulders Allison smiled, ” Oh it’s okay, really. I wasn’t planning on napping anyway. I have to go gather some stuff before tonight anyway so you woke me up just in time. , ” her voice almost a whisper in the silence of these woods.

He reached out a hand to help her up and she paused for a second before taking it and puling up to her feet. From here she could see him much better and she was liking what she was seeing. Dusting off the back of her jeans she scrambled to gather all of her stuff and shove it back into her pack to get back down the hill and to the store before making camp tonight on this spot. While bending over to get the blanket she side eyed him up and down. Jeans fit perfectly, and the outline of his cock sat against the front of the material like a sentry guard. A small grin came to her face which she quickly pulled back not wanting him to see her staring. Standing up again she saw the impish grin and his dimples with it, his eyes covered by his sunglasses but his beard was as red as his hair. “So.. um.. I will be heading out, have fun up here, be careful of the ridges they sneak up on you. Have a great day.. ermm Sir.”, Allison mumbled as she headed back down to her car. She listened to see if he followed her but she heard no footsteps behind her and she slowed her pace down and let her breathing slow. Damn he was fine as fuck and that cock in his jeans Jesus some woman was very fucking lucky. She thought for a minute if she had felt a ring when he helped her up and couldn’t remember feeling one there, for a moment she grinned to herself, before shaking her head and reminding herself she didn’t even get his damn name and would probably never see him again. Getting to the parking lot she unlocked her little car, tossed her backpack in the back and hopped in, starting it up and tearing out of the parking area to get to the store before it was dark. Once she was on the ridge she was fine, getting to it safely after dark was not an option she wanted.

Grabbing the firewood at the store, a couple things of lunch meat and her soda Allison jumped back in her car and headed back to the ridge. The sun was just beginning to hit the top of the lake and if she hurried she could get set up and her fire going before it set. It was a full moon tonight and she knew the moonlight would be rejuvenating for her. Pulling into the lot she looked around to see if any other cars were here now, seeing nothing she grabbed her stuff from the back and drudged back up to her spot. First the tent went up, then her firepit cleaned out and rocks hauled up from the creek bed by the bridge at the bottom to make the enclosure. Pulling kindling from the forest floor around her she tossed them into the dirt and lit it with some dryer lint and a match she brought. Sliding into her tent she grabbed her shorts and shirt for her pjs and walked back out to warm some water. The moon was just starting to peek over the horizon when she slid the top from her frame and grabbed her soap and rag to wash up for the night. As tempted as she was to simply sleep naked under the full moon she was fully aware there were far too many wild animals around to do that safely. While the fire would keep them away once she put that out all bets were off, so her tent was her safest option. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t simply sit on her blanket naked for the first hour or so and soak up what she could. Pitching the warm water over the hill from her spot she turned the basin upside down, grabbed her bottle of bourbon from her backpack and a cold soda from the freezer bag she had brought. The bourbon aroma wafted to her nose as soon as she opened it and she tossed it back taking a big swig followed by a shot of the cold soda. Putting the lid on the booze she set it beside her blanket and stared at the fullness of the moon through the trees and bathing her naked skin with it’s beautiful glow. After about an hour Allison slid her shirt and shorts back on, the chill of the night air beginning to set in, another shot of bourbon and she dumped a water bottle on the fire watching as it went out and smoldered for a few minutes. Packing anything animal attractive into her bag she hung it in a tree beside her and crawled into her tent. In minutes she was asleep.

He stood in the shadows on the hill, watching all she did. Hoping she would come back to this spot he waited with patience to see her come over the crest of the hill to set up camp. He had seen her eyes frame him up as she cleaned up earlier and knew she lingered on the outline of his cock inside his jeans. His hand reached to feel it now, struggling to get free after watching her naked for over an hour. It took all he had to stay quiet and not simply go down then, but he waited. His patience had paid off. The full moon made it easy for him to see where to step and not be drawing too much attention to himself, one would think it was another animal in the woods and in many ways he was. He was the hunter, she was the prey. Finding himself beside her tent he leaned over to hear her breathing in a steady pattern, not moving, not another sound. He was glad she had not zipped it closed completely , leaving him enough room to slide in as quietly as possible. Pulling the rope from his back pocket he looped it into a slip knot and was happy to see she slept on her side with her hands nearly on top of one another, easing the rope gently under her fingertips, the tickle of the material made her hands slide up and into the noose perfectly. Not how he expected it to happen but a small win for him. Next he slid her bandana over her eyes making sure it wasn’t too loose to slide free. She jerked and went to lift a hand to push it back up and realized her one hand was bound with the other. Before she could make a noise a hand covered her mouth and a man’s voice whispered in her ear, ” Be good for Sir and Sir will be good for you, am I clear?,”

Allison recognized the voice it was the man from earlier and her heart pounded so loud it sounded like a bass drum in her ears. Part of her was scared and the other part aroused. She would be lying had she denied having a few thoughts about him after they parted. She nodded her head in agreement and felt the scruff of his beard on her shoulder which made her jump back. His grip on the rope tightened as he pulled her to go outside of the tent. She followed, unable to see anything but he led her slowly to a nearby tree. Pushing her to her knees he took the rope and tied her to the tree behind her. She could hear him as he walked around her, as if surveying his next meal. “What the hell do you want you bastard?” Allison growled through her teeth. She heard the swiftness of his body lowering to her face, felt his hand grip her chin as he pulled her face upwards and his mouth found hers. His tongue diving into her mouth, teasing her , she could have bitten him but instead found herself kissing back. Her soft moan escaped before she could stop it and she felt the first drops of her own arousal slid down her thigh to the leaf covered ground below.


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